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Valance-Window “valances” also called window top treatments provide a certain beauty to any window. Valances can be used alone but are often hung over windows where curtains and drapes have been installed to better frame the windows. Many times they’re installed over kitchen sinks or in other areas where floor space may be limited or blocked; can be used to hide architectural flaws and windows placed at different heights; When using blinds, shades, and shutters valances are often used to soften the windows or to tie in the fabrics of corresponding furniture.

Box pleat: A flat, symmetrical fold of cloth sewn in place to create fullness, spaced evenly across the top of a drapery. The fabric can be folded back on either side of the pleat to show, for example, a contrasting fabric.

Swag Valances: The fabric of this valance hangs across brackets and drapes over the top of a window, with tails hanging down on each side.

Cornice: A rigid treatment that sometimes serves as a mask for holding attached stationary draperies or for hiding window hardware or even masking architectural flaws. The cornice is typically constructed of a chipboard-style wood or lightweight material over which some kind of padding is placed, then covered with a fabric of choice and finished with decorate trim or cording to cover any seams.

Woven Wood Shades-Woven Wood Shades add a warm, rich dimension to any room, whether they’re hanging flat in the fully lowered position or raised, creating even, overlapping folds. Woven wood shades are created from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses and will age beautifully in your home.

Cellular shades- cellular shades offer distinctive smooth and textured fabrics from sheer to opaque, in single cell construction. Cellular shades offer an extensive array of fabrics, provides multiple levels of privacy, light control, sound absorption, and energy efficiency. The cellular fabric construction traps air for maximum energy efficiency and sound absorption and conceals cords and cord holes to provide maximum privacy. The trim unobtrusive head rail renders a clean, uncluttered appearance. Specialty shapes, and optional operating systems provide complete design freedom and flexibility.

Roller Shades–Roller Shades offer a wide choice of high quality fabrics in both solids and textures with opacities ranging from transparent to room darkening. Perfectly suited for home or office applications, roller shades promise to be a stunning combination of simplicity, sophistication, versatility and value.

Wood blinds– wood blinds are the classic choice for those seeking the beauty of real wood and the practicality of horizontal window blinds for their window treatments. Wood blinds provide exciting design solutions for any decorating scheme or budget and brings the luxurious beauty of wood to your home. Choose from a variety of architecturally molded wood valances.

Faux wood blinds-2″ faux wood blinds simulate the look and warmth of a traditional hardwood blind at an exceptional value. Faux Wood Blinds are designed for high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens and they are available in smooth, wood grain and sandblasted finishes.

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